Art of Spiritual Guidance Core Curriculum

We've cultivated a garden of spiritual wisdom for your journey through our Art of Spiritual Guidance program!

The Contemplative Tradition offers a diverse and deep well of contemplative practice and spiritual wisdom from a multicultural perspective.  Contemplative wisdom provides a rich resource for genuine spirituality that is available to all and calls us toward a just and caring community. 

Jungian Depth Psychology & Dream Work offers an integrative perspective to understanding the conscious and unconscious aspect of the spiritual and religious experience while providing a pathway to deep integration and wholeness.  Reflection on thecontributions of Jungian psychology into the mystical teachings, spiritual development frameworks and spiritual practices are explored through experiential exercises and reflection.  Special attention is offered to classic and contemporary interpretations for the understanding of dreams.

Cultivating Compassion & Humility offers a pathway to mutual understanding and respect across faith traditions and spiritual paths.  Universally faith traditions consider the cultivation of qualities of charity (kindness towards others) and compassion as the highest aspect of human nature.  Our contemplative practices and exercises are designed to support the unfolding of compassionate, empathetic, humble and loving spiritual directors. 

Meaningful Personalized Learning 
Our comprehensive materials provide an opportunity to personalize your learning experience as you deepen you study and prayer in the ways that are most meaningful for your spiritual journey and professional unfoldment.  Authors are selected who describe their experiences of God's love as well as how they practice and sustain God's presence in their lives. 

Our curriculum honors the guidelines of Spiritual Directors International for Spiritual Director formation through the creative weaving of Theological Foundations, Psychological Foundations, Integration with Social Issues, Discernment, a Spiritual Direction Practicum and Mentorship Supervision for your development as a Spiritual Director! 

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