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Military Service Members, Families & Veterans

As an active member of the military, a veteran or family member of someone in military service, you may have need for support for yourself, spouse or family.

You can receive confidential psychotherapy and spiritual counseling in a comfortable and compassionate setting.whether you are preparing for deployment, serve in active duty are being transfered to another military installation or are re-integrating upon return from service.

Veterans and service personnel preparing for retirement can benefit from support in transitioning to a civilian lifestyle while integrating the values and purpose that they have held throughout their service in ways that are meaingful and engaging.

Support and stragegies to enhance your overall well being, your relationships and health are only a phone call away!

Additional Resources for Miliatry Personnel and Families

A Soldiers Heart

National Military Family Association

Military One Source

Silver Dove Institute

US Department of Veterans Affairs



Carol A. Fournier, LCMHC, NCC is a provider in the TriCare and Medicaid networks as well as other healthcare insurance plans.